• KCET CODE : E239
  • COMEDK CODE : E211

We feel blissful to introduce you to the Department of Applied Sciences & humanities, the only strong foundation for the students' engineers to build their goals into reality. The prime motto of the department is to enhance the critical thinking among student. The department intends to provide knowledge through a closed knit family of highly capable faculty members.

The main purpose of Applied sciences in Engineering study is to lay a strong foundation of basic principles of various disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry Mathematics and Communication Skills in the mind of the learners, so that they proceed to rest of their life to study with up to date knowledge and training of basic engineering skills.

Our Laboratories have been very well equipped not just to cover syllabus but to encourage students to learn beyond syllabus to assist them to develop a complete understanding of the subject (both the practical and theoretical depth of knowledge) and to develop skill sets of students to become capable engineers in future.

Education Par Excellence


To meet the needs and demands of students' fraternity in all respects of academics.


To establish better standards in the chosen area.

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Qualified: EWCE-BSH faculty members are learned professionals caring deeply about students and highly interested the field of education. EWCE-BSH teachers are sensitive about the uniqueness of each and every student and specific about the teaching methods, curriculum and skilled approach needed to be responsive to these differences.

Dedicated: Teachers are committed to invest ample time for learning the way of teaching for each student in order to design and model plan to help students meet the requirements and exceed in their goals. They are specialized at framing an environment in which students face risks, work hard and solve to enjoy the learning process.

Passionate: Teachers at EWCE-BSH are committed with passion for learning, additional subject matter and creativity in teaching. Teachers progress in collaborative teams to share expertise, pool resources and plan innovative programs. The teachers are always active participants in our learning community.

Physics Cycle
1. Mathematics - I
2. Engineering Physics
3. Basic Electrical Engineering
4. Elements of Civil Engineering and Mechanics
5. Engineering Graphics
6. Engineering Physics Laboratory
7. Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
8. Language Laboratory - I(English)
Chemistry Cycle
1. Mathematics - I
2. Engineering Chemistry
3. Programming in C
4. Elements of Mechanical Engineering
5. Engineering Graphics
6. Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
7. C Programming Laboratory
8. Language Laboratory - II(English)


  • Physics Cycle
    1. Engineering Physics Lab
    2. Electrical Lab
    3. English Language Lab
  • Chemistry Cycle
    1. Engineering Chemistry Lab
    2. Computer Programming Lab
    3. English Language Lab